The exotic dancer or a stripper is the person who has an occupation of working as strip teasing in an adult entertainment place like in a strip club. There are times when the stripper can be hired in order to perform at a private event or at a bachelor party.

Where strippers work

The modern stripping minimizes the interaction between customer and strippers and this minimize the tease level with the performance but the girls do strip or undress before the customers. Some strippers will not become nude, even if some may become nude fully; this is not allowed by law. Before strippers were using the pole to do burlesque pole dance but now the emphasis had turned to be acrobatic with explicit expression. Many strippers choose to work in the strip club. The house dancer is the one who works in a franchise or a club, but the feature dancer is a person who is a celebrity and can tour different clubs where she makes the appearance. Dancers may not be the employees of the club, but they will be working like independent contractors.

Up to 1970s, the strippers in the western culture were female and they were performing for the male audience. However, male strippers are now common and some female and male do perform for an LGBT audience. Before, the dancers worked in hidden clubs and they were a part of the theatre experience. However, now the practice is common and they perform on their own. The performance of stripper is fully choreographed and it involves some types of the dancing with the costume of some kind.

Many clubs do have the dance rotation

This is when dancers perform in turns. They can dance for one or more songs in the fixed sequences and they will repeat them after sometime. The features entertainers are not a part of the entertainers, but they will be having a certain time that was set just for them. A DJ is the one to announce the shift and he will explain about the person who is at the stage.

The striper dance at the stage and waits to get the tips

The dance collects the tips when she is on the stage or when she had finished dancing and goes to mingle with the clients.

If you have decided to visit a stripper club for the first time, or if you visit often, you should be aware of how you can behave in the club.

When you visit the club, you should not go to watch only, but you should be ready to buy few dances and few drinks when you are there. Remember that the venue will not offer a free cable; the talented dancers and bartenders want you to be the patron but not the parasite.

Offering a lap dance

You can offer a girl a drink if you want her to dance with you. In case you do not want to get the lap dance, then decline it in the polite way.

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