When it comes to women, they have a huge market that caters for their sex toys and men have a limited number of their sex toys to choose form. Women can also turn anything they have at home in sex toys. However, sex toys designed for men are expensive and there is a stigma factor that comes with owning one. If you want to get it, then it is time to make it on your own. If you want, then learn how to make the cheapest sex toys without spending any cash or buying them cheaply.

When you want to make a sex toy, it is something which you may bang and it should have an orifice since it is what men do. You can find the simplest and easiest toy at the market that you can buy it at a cheap price.

How to make a sex toy with lubricant, rubber glove and the towel

You should start by folding the towel using long ways or rectangles. Use a rubber glove and put it into the open side out. Fold a towel around a glove so that it may create the tight hole. You can then stretch the open part of the glove on the end part of a towel and near the glove in order to create the tight hole using a rubber. You should then put on the lubricant before you do what you want.

Sponge bottle without pants

You can use ordinary plastic soda into a bottle pocket and make it a vagina for men.

How you can make it

You should empty and clean the soda bottles, get two sponges, bubble wrap and scissors. Make sure that there are no rough side at the sponge and then use a masking tape.

Cut evenly the bottle, place inside the sponge and fold the bubble wrap inside. While inserting the sponge, ensure that they are inserted in a symmetrical manner. Tape the excess bubble wrap and secure them at the opening to ensure that the bottle is not sharp and that the sponge will continue to be found inside.

Use a couch cushion

You can have the new meaning for the love seat. You should know better your couch than you’d expect. To do it, you should cut the seal strip of the bag, use the lubricant on the bag and ensure that it does cover the entire bag. You can bring the plastic bag on the couch and put it within the cushion. You can get into the back and push it down to ensure the pressure.

Reusable homemade sleeve

This can be the complicated sex toy at the list, but it is reliable, cleanable, reusable and sturdy. To make it, you will need a tennis ball container, dishwashing gloves that have a longer sleeve, lubricated condoms, basic absorbant diaper and a thick rubber band. You should also get KY Jelly, a sharpie, pair of scissors, water.

If you still want to buy sex toy instead of making one, then you should consider buying a fleshlight.

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