Some people may wish to become a stripper, but they may not be sure if they are able to do so. If you wish to be one, then you should start by knowing how many years you need to be before you become the stripper. The minimum age to be exotic dancer, it will depend on the place where you live and which club you would like to dance in. Nude clubs will not serve alcohol, which means that you can join as far as you are over 18 years old. However, if you want to dance in a club or a bar, where the alcohol will be served, because they will serve alcohol, you will have to be 21 years old and the customers to enter there should be over 21 years old.

  • If you are of legal age, then you should also consider other things before you decide to become a stripper.
  • It is better if you are comfortable by being topless and naked before the strangers. Even if it can be uncomfortable at the beginning by being topless or nude before people, you will get used to it.
  • If you want to make enough money: the dancers are able to make starting at 80 percent up to 100 each hour.

Do you need to have a flexible job?

The dancers will work part and they can afford to do something during the day and work at night for some few hours. When you start out, you and the club manager will agree to how many hours that you will need to work. As the time passes, you will be able to change everything and you can afford some flexibility.

Do you have a good body with the right proportion?

Some people believe that all dancers need to have a certain body shape with the same weight, height and bra size. Even if this can have some truth with it, what people should know is men have different tastes in women they want and it can be their hair color, the shape of the body, the boob size and the ethnicity. Even if each customer may have some physical traits, he can find any women who make him to feel attractive, attractive on her turn. A woman, to make a customer to feel special, it will not have to do with her body size. It can do more with her personality. A woman who has big boobs, smaller boobs, who is brunette or blonde, she can make any man to feel desirable.

Being able to handle the rejection

If you want to become a stripper, you will be able to handle the rejection well. You should not feel as if rejection is personal. Sometime a customer can be having a bad day, have no money or just drunk.

You have to be a personable person

If you are not able to approach customers, you may not be able to make money. Customers are ready to pay more if you made them happy.

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